Lost in Space: Cyclops and Chariot

Doll and Hobby Georgia brings you another classic science fiction kit! The Cylops and Chariot from Lost in Space was originally produced by Aurora in 1966, and later reissued by Polar Lights. This edition of the kit features new box art, a two-sided display backdrop, updated decals and instructions, plus new resin figures of Dr. Smith and Judy Robinson.

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Cyclpos and Chariot box cover

Doll & Hobby GA, LLC
Part Number 1420
Lost in Space® Cyclops and the Chariot TM
Styrene Model Kit

  • 1/35 scale (figures) and 1/48 scale (Chariot TM)
  • 11 inches high
  • 8 1/2 inches wide
  • 7 inches deep
  • 55 parts
  • Skill level 3, recommended for ages 15 and up
  • Full-color, double-sided printed backdrop
  • Instruction sheet
  • Requires cement and paint for assembly — sold separately
  • Available Q4 2019
  • SRP $44.95

Doll & Hobby proudly presents the second release in a series of classic model kits based on properties from The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin AllenTM!

Far from Earth and hopelessly lost, the spaceship Jupiter 2TM has crashed on a mysterious planet. On an exploratory excursion in their multi-terrain vehicle, the Chariot, TM the spacefaring Robinson family is confronted by one of the planet’s many strange lifeforms, a monstrous cyclops, intent on destroying the ChariotTM and its passengers…

Doll & Hobby’s rerelease of the classic Cyclops and the Chariot TM is an enhanced edition of the kit originally offered in 1966, shortly after the debut of Lost in Space.® This new release of the kit now includes figures of Dr. Smith and Judy Robinson, an updated window decal set for the Chariot, TM a unique double-sided printed backdrop, instruction sheet and full-color packaging featuring an all-new illustration.

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