About Doll and Hobby GA

Doll and Hobby GA is a specialized hobby distributor focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and comic related model kits.  We carry the latest releases from Moebius Models, Round 2 (AMT, Polar Lights, MPC, Lindberg) and more.    We focus on subjects like Star Trek, 2001, Space 1999, classic monsters, and comic book heroes.

Doll and Hobby GA is owned by Steve Iverson.     Steve’s interest in the hobby was inspired by the classic Aurora monster models and Apollo space program.   The first kit he ever built was a Lunar Module.    In 1996, he launched the CultTVman’s Sci-Fi Modeling website, and later CultTVman’s Hobbyshop.   In 2018, he purchased Doll and Hobby distribution from Frank and Joanne Winspur.

We are located in Lawrenceville, GA, just east of Atlanta.   We are currently moving into a new warehouse to better serve our customers.   We should be settled into the new space in late May 2018.

Doll and Hobby was established by Frank and Joanne Winspur in Deland, Florida.   Joanne Winspur was one of the largest Barbie retailers in the country, while Frank managed the model side of the business, expanding into resin kit production and hobby distribution.  In 2006, they founded Moebius Models and produced a wide range of plastic model kits including popular science fiction subjects like Battlestar Galacitca and 2001: A Space Odyssey, comic book heroes from DC Comics and Marvel, and automotive models from Ford and Chrysler.